Rhea Maxwell

We have good news at Dancing Bones!

This week two of our clients brought in their DEXA results *(dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) that showed bone density improvement using our regular protocol of Whole Body Vibration (WBV), the Biodensity machine, and the Bemer. Now we hear that the EES technology in our Matrix Room is perhaps an additional way to increase bone density. * from article on bone density in June 2023 Costco Connection. When my dearest Editor read the proposed June Newsletter, she pointed out that occasionally Dancing Bones clients do NOT show improvement on their DEXA & that may lead to discouragement with the program itself. So while acknowledging the truth of this, I would also like to say a word about our love of testing to tell us how healthy we are versus asking our own bodies how we feel.

One of our clients loaned Nicole a book called "The Myth of Osteoporosis" by Gill Sanson, a health educator, researcher, and author living in Auckland, New Zealand. I found the book fascinating and especially appreciated Dr. Christine Northup's endorsement: "Gill Sanson's book is a well-researched breath of fresh air that will help women everywhere better trust the wisdom of their bodies."

I was told I had osteopenia in the 1990s shortly after the medical profession began prescribing DEXAs for anyone over fifty. I took the recommended Fosamax for about two weeks – feeling worse every day I was on the drug. I decided that my body wasn't happy with this medication, and I stopped. I did begin more exercise daily – from Pilates and yoga to Nia dance. And from that date to this, I have made movement of some kind an important part of my life. I began to take Vitamin A-D-K and other supplements that promised to help the bones. I have never taken another DEXA test because it would probably tell me that I have not had any improvement. My improvement is how I feel at nearly 86 years of age. My strength and vitality have improved substantially since I began the Dancing Bones protocol in 2020 when Sheila Nixon owned the business. Like Christine Northrup encourages, I've learned to trust the wisdom of my body.

Since returning from a trip to Hawai'i and having stomach issues and feeling blah... I began an intensive week of "Shake & Bake" (i.e., WBV & BeMer) with the addition of time in the Matrix. *Or as one client calls it "Bounce & Broil"! My body and spirit have recovered. I am a believer in these alternative healing modalities. My body tells me they work for me.

All this is to say – we are thrilled if your DEXA improves. AND, we are also thrilled if you can tell us that you feel stronger, more balanced, and generally happier. At Dancing Bones, we'd like to take at least partial credit for that.

Now back to The Matrix... This week, someone sent Nicole a testimonial from "Eve" in California who was using an EES 24 Unit system. After eight, two-hour weekly sessions in the EES, her DEXA improved by 5%, and her doctor said she no longer had osteoporosis. We hope you'll think about adding some time in the MATRIX/EES to your weekly visit to Dancing Bones. We remind you that "perfect" weekly attendance for three months earns you a two-hour session in the Matrix at no charge.

We're also using the MATRIX for some other activities like Breath Work on Wednesdays at 7:45 a.m. This is a chance to practice some different breathing techniques. They calm the mind and prepare the body for the day. Some days Ty and Nicole decide to include chanting—it's always a mixed bag—and you don't know what you'll get unless you come and try it. It usually lasts about 15 minutes, and there is no charge. It wouldn't hurt to let us know if you are planning to attend – but the door will be open, and just arrive.

On May 24th, the wonderful Judy Bernard gave seven of us an incredible hour of gongs, tuning forks, bowls – music for the spirit and soul. Judy is a Vibrational Coach. You can learn more about her work by googling PlanetaryEchos.com or The Shine Experience.

The newest addition to The Matrix is a painting by Clayton Bass. It is on loan from a private collector who loves and uses the EES technology. She felt that her painting, "Aspen Cathedral Mandala," would be perfect in the room and when she got it back it would vibrate with positive energy and good vibrations - as the song goes.

Clayton Bass in front of Aspen Cathedral Mandala now hanging in Dancing Bones Matrix Room
When I asked Clayton to provide a bio, he sent the statement below:
The art of Clayton Bass is informed by a passion for nature and astronomy as well as the profound beauty and cultures of New Mexico, exploring realism through the lens of symbolism and allegory, intersecting with his imagination and dreams.
I don't think this description evokes the mystical quality that Clayton puts into his work. The longer one looks at his paintings, the more one sees the quality of the spiritual emerging. I find Clayton's work healing for the heart and couldn't be happier to see it hanging in the Dancing Bones Matrix Room along with the beautiful Mandalas by Jasmine Quinsier and Argus Eliam.
Meanwhile, to see more of Clayton's work, visit www.claytonbass.com. A teaser... Save Mondays in August! We postponed the Mandala Workshop with Argus Eliam until we had commitments from other artists - including Clayton & Jasmine - so we could offer a whole month to inspire the artist within.
Have a wonderful June. We look forward to seeing all of you.