What is the Dancing Bones program?

The Dancing Bones Program is a specialized exercise program designed to improve bone density, strength, balance, and flexibility using three technologies: bioDensity, whole-body vibration, and the Bemer.

Who can benefit from these programs?

Individuals of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from these programs, particularly those with limited mobility or who may not be able to participate in traditional forms of exercise.

Are the programs suitable for people with injuries or medical conditions?

The programs can be modified to accommodate individuals with injuries or medical conditions.

How often should I attend the programs?

The Dancing Bones Program is done once a week - by design. The makers of the BioDensity machine recommend a minimum recovery of 3-5 days. Studies indicate that a one session is all it takes to deliver measurable results. Coming for more frequent sessions has not shown to improve or accelerate an individual’s response. The benefits of a single session continue on for an entire week.

Whole Body Vibration and Bemers can (ideally!) be used daily.

What results can I expect to see from the programs?

Expect to see improvements in bone density, muscle strength, balance, flexibility, blood circulation, and overall wellness. Results may vary depending on individual factors such as age, health status, and adherence to the program.

How Long Is a Session?

The 3-part once-a-week session takes about 35-40 minutes

How is my progress tracked?

It is tracked after each weekly session on a computerized Performance Report, in graph form and emailed to you.  As we know, numbers are not subjective. We also suggest you have your physician order a bone density (DEXA) scan and repeat it every 24 months.  This will give you a baseline and an objective way for you to evaluate changes and improvement.

Will I sweat, work hard, and be sore after my session?

There should be little to no soreness after.  You should feel good after your sessions and look forward to them. The exercises are so brief, most people do not even break a sweat.

Why is the Dancing Bones® program done only once a week?

The very specific bioDensity exercises (the heart of the program) create a trigger event in the body.  A cascade of biological adaptations is set in motion.  Studies have determined the average time needed to make these adaptations (break down old tissue and remodel new) is 5 -10 days.  More frequent sessions on the bioDensity machine would be counterproductive interrupting the remodeling processes.  The other technologies are not limited in frequency of use.

What are the three technologies?

bioDensity® – since 2004, this device safely triggers osteogenic loading, a biological event proven to reverse bone and muscle loss, enhance balance,  joint stability and A1c levels. Find out more.
PEMF – a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field mat a truly remarkable wellness breakthrough, conventionally-used in the EU for 20 years.   We have chosen the finest Swiss/German PEMF device – the one that NASA has contracted to incorporate into astronaut apparel.  That is BEMER. Find out more.
PowerPlate – produces better balance and fine motor control in addition to strength, tone and much more.  Used by most Olympic trainers.  At DB, we teach you a Whole Body Vibration protocol to maximize the benefits of the bioDensity and Powerplate juxtaposition. Find out more.

What should I wear for my sessions?

Flat rubber-soled shoes or yoga socks with grips are best. Please designate a clean pair for studio use and remove street shoes before entering carpeted studio area.  Special workout duds are not necessary.

Please do not wear perfumes of any sort.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes. Give us a call at 505-557-6209 and ask about our introductory session.

What if I plan to go on vacation and miss several weeks?

Please inform us in advance of planned absences. We will work with you.

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