Spring 2023 News

Rhea Maxwell
March 20, 2023


I am thrilled – and a little nervous – to be taking over the newsletter from Dancing Bones founder Sheila Nixon. I love the way Sheila writes and I especially appreciate her health/product research information.

By way of introduction, I am Rhea, Nicole’s mother. In 2015 I retired from being the publisher and editor of El Coquí of Rincón, a local publication in Rincón, Puerto Rico, where I lived for over twenty years. Nicole thought this qualified me to take on the Dancing Bones newsletter.

Featured Artists

Santa Fe is blessed with amazing artists and Dancing Bones is a great venue for them. Our client base is sophisticated and eager to buy good art. We look forward to promoting our artists with receptions and of course, to keep writing about them in our newsletter and on our website. Here are three with work currently gracing the walls of Dancing Bones:

Jasmine Quinsier

We have our office manager and Biodensity coach, Hattie Proteau, to thank for introducing Jasmine to Dancing Bones and the Matrix.  While Jasmine’s art is not specifically Matrix related, we think that having sacred art in that room is a perfect fit.

Jasmine uses Celtic Knotwork, Sacred Geometry as well as Islamic influenced shapes to make the patterns of her mandalas.  Her Artist Statement says it all:

“I work in patterns. Under, over, ‘round again. Tangle, untangle, sooth my soul. This journey of discovery, shines light on my life’s path, past, present and future giving me the subtle understanding of who we are.”

When I asked Jasmine about her experience with the Matrix, she said that she had a fleeting sense of a past life while in the meditative environment of the room. You can find more of Jasmine’s work on her website, minaswirled.com

Argus Eliam

Argus has been a Dancing Bones Matrix client for several months.  Argus met and had a powerful healing experience with Dr. Sandra Michael and was happy to discover that Santa Fe had the EES technology that she created.

Argus’s art that is on display in the Matrix room was part of a series he terms “Soul Flower,” a part of his Soul Visions-Drawing the Light Within collection.  These art pieces were specifically selected to compliment the Matrix(EES)environment.  They were created on black paper with colored pencil and then further enhanced with computer to create the stained-glass mandala effect.  His mandala influenced designs create a light that seems to explode from the page.  He states “These art pieces are intended to depict energy flow, balance and to elicit a resonant positive healing response in the viewer.  Nothing is static, everything is dynamic change.”

After years as a successful medical illustrator, Argus retired from that career and feeling moved to explore his spiritual connection and expression in different art forms.  Argus has found that after his several hours of Matrix sessions, he has had what he calls “creative energy downloads” from Souce/Spirit, that will surely find its way into his newest artwork.

Argus Eliam’s work is for sale at Dancing Bones. You can see more of his work on his Instagram page, @argusart8

Dee Smart

While Jasmine and Argus are our newest artists, longstanding friend of Dancing Bones and award-winning artist and photographer Dee Smart’s work continues to grace our walls. Dee’s wonderful zebras in the front BEMER Room is, perhaps, one of the reasons that people gravitate to that space. Dee’s work is full of color and humor – just like Dee herself.

You can see more of Dee’s work on her website, doloressmart.com.

Hear About Healing

We had a Life Wave Patch Party celebrating one of our favorite products on February 25th Did you miss it?  No worries – we will schedule another soon that will focus on using patches for your animals.

Did you hear Sheila’s broadcast with Richard Eeds on Friday, February 3rd? Here is the link:

Sheila talks about the Matrix/EES and the benefits of EES (Energy Enhancement System developed by Dr. Sandra Michael).

And although NPR Radio Lab podcast this wasn’t specifically about the Matrix, it certainly seemed to me to be relevant as it talked about light frequencies and the brain. Click here to hear this broadcast of September 11, 2020 on gamma frequencies and the Alzheimer brain.

We want to hear about any of your experiences in the Matrix and especially if you will let us share them through the newsletter or the website. You can leave me a message at Dancing Bones or email me at office@dancingbones.us  and I’ll be happy to include your story in a future newsletter.

Fighting Inflammation

Dancing Bones has always offered anti-inflammatory agent because we know that inflammation is one of the most serious health challenges.  Look for a brochure on Re-lev-it, which is the Maxwell family favorite anti-inflammatory. This product was recommended to me over twenty years ago when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  My pain was gone within a week (I doubled the recommended dosage for the first week and then dropped back to two capsules a day.)  Let’s Talk Health, the California based laboratory and plant continually improves the products it offers, and Re-lev-it is no exception.

That’s it for March.  We are launching a new product, ASEA, later in the month. This product was discovered by Dancing Bones’s founder, Sheila Nixon.  Sheila’s newsletter about ASEA is at the front desk. Nicole and Hattie can both help you with more information.  We are all trying ASEA liquid and Gel and so far, it looks like a winner.

See you next month.  This was fun.