Holy Cacao!

Rhea Maxwell
April 18, 2023

The vote is in. Not very scientific – but the green post-its won by a two to one margin.And we have several of the staff members now totally addicted to Jeanmarie Cacao Beans and Nibs. So Dancing Bones will keep a supply of these items for sale.We kept this display tasting/voting up for a week.The suggestions for what to do with the nibs and beans came straight from Google.


From Indi Chocolate (google)

10 different ways to use cacao nibs

Add cacao nibs to your cheese and crackers.

Add cacao nibs to your salad.

Add your favorite spirit to the indi chocolate infusion kit.

Eat cacao nibs like a nut, by the handful.

Add cacao nibs to your granola and yogurt.

Add cacao nibs to banana pancakes.

Add cacao nibs to smoothies.


Eat them whole and learn to like the shell – it’s fiber!

Shell them and get your own “nibs” and see above of any of the sites on Google. Lots of recipes and fun. But first:

“Let us begin by noting the wondrous benefits of cacao (in the correct forms) can bring to your body: they are full of vitamins and minerals like potassium and B vitamins, as well as superpowers that combat heart disease and cancer. Plus, it makes us happy, chemically. With these health benefits in mind, then, how about we explore a myriad of different and delicious ways to enjoy cacao, from the shell to the butter to the bean?”

The above from ONE GREEN PLANET. Org.

And here is a YouTube video on how to eat the POD – if you are ever lucky enough to get one. https://youtu.be/YViqP8dqem4

Juan of Jeanmarie Chocolat will be happy to fill your order. Here is his website for direct ordering: https://jeanmariechocolat.com

The smoothie I made adding the beans was made with a 20 g. protein powder – gluten free- with NO SUGAR or sugar substitutes – bought on Amazon – ORGAIN SIMPLE PLANT PROTEIN POWER (creamy chocolate).

And the link to the podcast telling you how to cut open the pod and eat the seeds directly : https://youtu.be/YViqP8dqem4

If you decide you have to have the PODS or the powder…go directly to Jeanmarie Chocolat and order. We are only going to carry the beans and nibs at Dancing Bones.

Juan Echevarria of Jeanmarie Chocolat is delighted at the results of our survey…the outcome of which he totally expected! (editor’s note.) Spread the word about how good Puerto Rican chocolate is before you go running off to Peru or Venezuela.

Thank you all who participated and encouraged this chocolate adventure.

With affection,

Nicole and Rhea